It is also known by other names aminomercuric chloride; mercury ammonium chloride; ammoniated mercury; white precipitate; white mercuric precipitate Molecular Formula: ClH2HgN Line Formula: HgNH2Cl Molecular Weight: 252.07 Percent Composition: Cl 14.06%, H 0.80%, Hg 79.58%, N 5.56% Uses : In skin whitening cream For Technical Specification click here

  It is white cryst powder or lustrous scales, sloght acetic odor, sensitive to light.  Melts at 178 to 180 degree C. Molecular Formula :  C4H6HgO4 Moleculer Weight    :  318.70 Composition   :  C 15.07%, H 1.90% Hg 62.95%, O 20.08% Uses  :  Mainly used for Mercuration in organic synthesis. For More detail please […]

We are manufacturer of Mercuric Nitrate in LR/AR/ACS grade. Mercuric Nitrate is being used as an Laboratory Reagent and various organic synthesis for Mercuration.

  We are manufacturer and exporter of Mercuric Oxide in LR/AR/ACS Grade. Quality of our Mercuric Chloride is being appreciated by world market. Mercuric Oxide contains minimum 91.6% of Mercury Metal. For More detail please visit Technical specification page after login    

Phenyl Mercuric Acetate is organomercury Compound with moleculer formulla C8H8HgO2. It is used as preservative in many medicines and solutions