Who we are

Gurjar Groups was established in 1996 in the field of Mercury Salt Manufacturing. Gurjar Chemicals Pvt. Ltd is the branch of Gurjar Group which is engaged to Manufacture Mercury Metal Salts in LR/AR/ACS/IP/BP grade. Our motto is to produce purest material at minimum cost and satisfy our customers.We are having our Own quality control department and managed by qualified members. Our Production capacity in particular product is 3-4 tones/month.We are aware from the fact that Mercury and its salt is very dangerous for Environment, so we have developed very moderate techniques for Production of Mercury Salts to control increment in the level of Mercury Percent in Environment. We also time to time suggest to our customer for the handling and recovery of Mercury from west water and solid waste.

Our Quality, Price and Commitment making us leading Manufacturer of Mercury Salts and we are recognized by International and National market.

Gurjar Group started new division of Herbal Extract and Phytochemical manufacturing in the year 2010. more details visit us at